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Laptop/Pc me fast screenshot kaise le

Hello dosto, app ne kai bar apne mobile me screenshot liye honge, mobile me screenshot lena kafi aasan hai lekin jab bat aati hai laptop ya pc me screenshot lane ki to ye thoda muskial hota hai. Lekin agar aapko sahi knowledge ho to ye kam bhi aapko mobile me screenshot lene jitna aasan lagega. Laptop me screenshot lene ke liye aapko kewal ak app download karna hogi jiska name hai LIGHTSHOT.


ye bhi pade-

Job ke liye effective resume kaise banaye

Apni bike(vehicle) ki online information kaise dekhe

App download karne ke liye yha click kare LIGHTSHOT

App download karne ke bad niche diye hue instruction ko follow kare-

(1)  Aap download karke ise install kare.

(2) Ab apne keyboard me ptrsc button par click kare.


(3) Ab aapki screen kuch is tarah dikhai degi.

(4) Ab aapko jis bhi area ka screenshot lena ho use select kare.

(5) Area select karne ke bad aap ise save kar sakte hai jha bhi aap chahe.

Is app ki khas bat ye hai ki screen shot lete samay aap isme editing bhi kar sakte hai jaise


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Job ke liye effective resume kaise banaye

Hello friends, aaj ham janege ki ak professional Resume kaise banate hai. Dosto aap jab bhi kisi job ke liye apply karte hai to aapke pass ak effective Resume hona bahot jaruri hai. Apka resume jitna effective hoga aapko job milne ke chances jayada honge. kai student hai jo apni graduation complete karne ke bad bhi unhe pta nhi hota ke aapna resume kaise banaye. to chaliye jante hai ki ak professional resume kaise banate hai-


professional resume for fresher

Agar aap fresher hai or ak effective resume banana chahte hai to in steps ko follow kare-

  • Apni sahi jankari Agar aap chahte hai ki apka resume effective ho or agar aap kisi job ke liye apply kar rhe ho to aapko apni sahi information provide krni hogi, jaise apne likha ki book padna aapki hobby hai to aapko pata hona chahiye ki aapki faverate book konsi hai or aap nhi bata paye to isse interwiver par galt effect padte hai jisse apke job milne ke chances bhot kam ho jate hai to resume banate samay aapko apni correct information dena bhot jaruri hai.


  • Qualification details dale – lower to higher education fill kare


  • Apni skill ke bare me likhe – aapke pas jo skill hai uske bare me information de, jaise aapki skill hai ki aap ak team ke sath kam karna pasand karte hai.

  • Apna address dale – aapna sahi address apne resume me fill kare.

  • Hobbies – Aapki jo bhi hobbies hai unke bare me sahi information de.


  • References – Agar aapke pas kisi ka reference ho to vo bhi apne resume me add kre.   

Aap apna resume online bhi bna sakte hai iske liye bas aapko apni information dena hai or aapka resume ban jayega. Online resume banane ke lie kai websites hai aap un par apna resume bna sakte hai jaise  is website me aapko aapni step by step information deni hai or aapka resume ban jayega or aap ise download bhi kar sakte hai ye website aapko kai format me aapka resume deti hai jaise PDF, DOC. 

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Apni bike(vehicle) ki online information kaise dekhe

Hello dosto aj me ak bhot important jankari  batane ja rha hu. Aj me aapko bataunga ki aap apne vehicle ki online information kaise dekh sakte hai. is post ko padne ke bad aap kisi bhi vehicle ki information apne mobile par dekh sakte hai.

Ye bhi pade- champcash kya hai or isse money earn kaise hoti hai.

kisi bhi vehicle ki online information dekhne ke lie niche steps ko follow kare

  • sabse pahle apne android phon ke play store se CitizanCOP app download kare.       App download karne ke liye yha click kare CitizanCOP.


  • App download karne ke bad isse open kare.

  • ab aapko jis country, state,city ki vehicle ke bare me information chahiye wo select kare.


  • country, state or city select karne ke bad aapke pas kuch is tarah ka page khulega yha  par aapko bhot sare option milenge.  Vehicle information ke lie aap Vehicle search par click kare.


  • ab aapko apne vehicle ka registration number dalne hai jo aapki gadi ki number plate par likha hota hai. chassis number or engine number dalne ki jarurat nhi hai.


  • Registration number dalne ke bad search karte hi aapke vehicle ki sari information aapke samne hogi jaise owner details or vehicle detai.


is app ki help se aap apni ya kisi ki bhi vehicle ki information dekh sakte hai. is app me aapko or bhi kai options milenge jo aapke lie helpful hai

Agar aapko online se related or bhi information padna hai to hamare  page ko like kare-             Hindi website

Ye bhi pade-

Apni website ko google search me kaise submit kre


Hello dosto aj me aapko bataunga ki kaise aap apni website ko goole search engine me dal sakte hai. Agar apki koi website hai or wah google search me nhi hai to aapko search engine se traffic nhi milega or aapko jayada visitor nhi milenge.

ye bhi pade  free website/blog kaise banaye

google search engine me website submit karne ke lie niche diye gye steps ko follow kare-

  1. sabse pahle to aap google me type kare google search console

2. ise open karke   add property par click kare

3. ab aapke samne jo page hai usme apni website ka name dale or add par click kare.

4. ab aapke samne nai window josme  aapki site ka verification karna hai. iske lie aapko karna hai hai ki meta tag ko copy karna hai or aapki site ke home page par paste karna hai.

website verification ke bad aap apni site ko google me search karke dekh sakte hai

 ye bhu pde

  1. champcash kya hai or isse money earn kaise hoti hai
  2. 32 साल का ये शख्‍स रोज कमाता है 29 करोड़
  3. Sandeep Maheshwari Biography Success Story

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Own File Sharing Website – Fast!

Many people use emails to share files, but problems exist when you try to share a file over a specific size. With many more files now as big, if not bigger than the largest permitted file to be sent via email, a file sharing website is the best way for many different users to share data for pleasure or work-related purposed.

But setting up a file sharing site can sound somewhat daunting and a very complex, difficult undertaking, right? Well no, it isn’t – and if you have ever felt that you or your business could benefit from creating your own file-sharing site, then all you need to do is follow these five steps to success!Step 1: Select Which Type of File Sharing Site You Want

When you consider designing your file-sharing website, the first key decision you need to make is how you want to share the files. You have two options; the first is to have all the files you need to share in one location, such as a host server. The other is to use a peer-to-peer network, such as BitTorrent.

Using a host server is the most reliable and centralised form of sharing, but can be costly when you add up the amount of space you are needing to host all the files you may require to be shared.

The peer-to-peer network option is certainly cheaper and does not have the same problems with requiring a large amount of data in a central location, as all the files in the network are shared between all the users on it.

Instead, your PC will host smaller files, called ‘trackers’, which simply tell the BitTorrent software which users on the network have the file it is looking for.

However, the problem with peer-to-peer systems are that if you require a file and there are not enough users online at the same time who have that file accessible, it may take a long time to download onto your, or you may not be able to download the file at that time.

Step 2: Source a Developer to Build You The Site

To successfully build a file sharing website requires a specific skill set and as such, you will need to employ the services of a programmer or web developer who has experience of designing these types of sites and who has worked extensively with databases.

There are several ways you can source a programmer relatively cheaply and quickly. You can advertise for one in a newspaper or trade magazine, but this may take a little too long. There are online options available that are much quicker and usually cheaper, such as advertising on Craigslist, or looking on freelance websites for a programmer with the required skill set. and are two excellent places to start.

With these options you can set a budget for the task and give the programmer all the details they require about your site, so they can build the site to your specifications.

Step 3: Find a Hosting Service Suited To Your Choice of File Sharing Site

Which is the best host service for you depends very much on whether you want a peer-to-peer network, or host server. If you prefer to use a BitTorrent file-sharing network, then bandwidth and server space will not be a major concern and should be relatively inexpensive to host.

That changes if you want to host the files on a server. For this, you have two choices, to buy and run your own server (which is very expensive) or to find a web host that will allow you to lease one of their servers at a reasonable price. This second option is a much cheaper alternative.

Step 4: Monetize Your Site

Running a file sharing site, particularly a server-based website, will generate costs but you can help offset these costs and perhaps even make a profit, by monetizing your site effectively. Many file sharing sites offer free services, but put a restriction on the number of total downloads that can be made. A good way around this is to offer paid users unlimited downloads and bandwidth, which incentivizes them to pay to use the site.

Another option is to monetize the storage space your users use when your server is hosting there files, by levying a charge per gigabyte of data used. Effectively monetizing your site means you not only reduce running costs but can turn a popular site into a profitable one.

Step 5: Get Your Site Noticed – Advertise

As a means of sharing information for work and pleasure, file-sharing sites have proven especially popular in recent times. A quick search using a reliable and trusted search engine will help you find these sites. You can register on them and spread the word about your site in the forums so others hear about your site.

Remember too, you can purchase advertising space from many popular search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, which will help drive users to your site. This works by users searching for keywords that relate to your site, upon which your site will appear near the top of the listings, or as an advertisement beside the main list.

Lastly, do not underestimate the ability of Social Media to get your site notices. Set up a Facebook and Twitter account for your site, advertise on them and get your site noticed by thousands of potential users.

In essence, that is all you need to know about how to set up a file-sharing site, and if you can set such a site up successfully, it can be a fun, fast and lucrative way to share files over the Internet.